Vermillion was born from summer nights and an inability to retain personal possessions after a few proseccos.

We started with a simple goal – to develop practical, reasonably priced, high-impact accessories that make life a little easier.

Sunglasses chains is where it started, but our designs work just as well with glasses and masks.

Sunglasses Chain
Sunglasses Chain

What's with the name?

Vermillion: A brilliant red or scarlet

We encourage everyone to be bold, energetic and adventurous, so when thinking names two things jumped on the whiteboard:

  1. The colour red – which became our brand name, Vermillion.
  2. The women who have paved the way before us.

So, our product names are inspired by some of the most influential, tenacious women to reign in rock and metal… because wearing fierce fashion while listening to a killer soundtrack is an effing vibe.

Soundtrack your style.

Looking for inspo for your soundtrack, we go you boo.

There are two types of people in this world, hustlers and everyone else. When we say hustler, we don’t mean someone shady. We mean someone who has ambition and aspirations, who despises the status quo, who knows what they want and are willing to make short term sacrifices to get it.

We’re for the woman who takes fuel from her critics, the woman who is willing to try despite the risk of failing, the woman who speaks her mind. The bold women of action. 

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