Mask Chains

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A face mask chain that will change your pando life

One of the most irritating things about wearing a face mask is having to take it on and off. You can’t put it down on a dirty surface as that pretty much defeats its purpose, so what’s a girl to do?

A face mask chain that is as stylish as it is functional

Need to slip your face mask off? No problems, our face mask chains let your face mask hang around your neck so there’s no contamination with surfaces. We give your face mask a glow-up while being super-functional. All our face mask chains double as glasses chains, with loops for your frames, and clasps to convert to a necklace. They’re the triple threat to elevate any outfit.

A handy addition to your face mask style

Looking great is one thing, but we also need to be practical. With a sophisticated face mask chain you can be both. So useful for when you need to take your face mask off, you’ll wonder how you got by without one. This helpful little accessory means you won’t leave your mask behind or touch surfaces when you need to remove it. Browse our face mask chains and choose from gold, black, rose gold in an array of styles.

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