Fiercely fabulous, functional glasses & face mask chains

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Your Vermillion, your way.

Vermillion chains are as fiercely fabulous as they are functional.

A must-have accessory, our chains can be used as glasses chains, face mask chains or worn as jewellery. Your chains, your way.

When you wear our accessories, we want you to feel confident. Confident in your style, and confident in moving through your daily hustle, possessions intact. 

Where style meets function.

You searched long and hard to find the perfect glasses, and they likely weren’t cheap, so why not keep them close?

Using a glasses chain that’s as fab as your eyewear is the perfect way to keep your prized accessories secure.

Say goodbye to misplaced reading glasses and sunglasses left behind in the excitement of moving on to the next adventure.

Enhance your face mask with a seriously stylish chain.

Safety that makes a statement.

One of the most irritating things about wearing a face mask is having to take it on and off. 

Our statement chains make it easy to slip your face mask off to hang around your neck and avoid contamination with surfaces, while seriously elevating your style.


We've got standards

We use only high-quality materials and apply a proprietary coating to each chain to ensure durability and longevity, wherever you work or play. Our accessories are designed to last.

All backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Gold Glasses Chain - Divinyl

Light and durable, so you can wear them everyday.

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Clear rubber loops that adjust to any frame or strap.

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Unclasp the loops to convert your chain into a mask chain or necklace.

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Design Lab

Have your say.

We make the chains you want, the planet takes on less waste. Everybody wins.

If you want to see something new in the accessories line, take a look at our design lab and vote on what goes into production next. 

If there’s enough interest, it gets added to the line. Or send us a note and let us know what you’d love to wear. 

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